I, Deidre Ann Calcoate, have extensive experience in human services, particularly in areas such as behavioral health, developmental disability services, child welfare, foster care, and adoption programs. I have held various leadership roles and have a proven track record of program development, implementation, and strategic planning. I also possess strong communication and interpersonal skills and have been successful in working independently as well as leading and motivating teams. Additionally, I have expertise in areas such as community partnerships, policy and procedure development, employee relations, and evidence-based decision-making.


Through Go Within Not Without, our team utilizes refined skills to make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals affected by past experiences. By combining expertise with empathy and understanding, we empower those in need to lead an expedition of healing and self-change. Through coaching, mentorship, and unwavering support, we create safe spaces where individuals can explore their inner selves, discover resilience, and rebuild their lives with hope, strength, and purpose. Together, we are fostering positive change, one step at a time.



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